Friday, April 21, 2017

From one renovation project to another

Easter was special this year

From a warm sunny Belgium to a cold but beautiful Sweden.
From one renovation project to another.
I spent my Easter meeting family and friends, planning for new projects, painting kitchen doors, choosing wall colours and of cours eating eggs and drinking bubbles. It was everything from cleaning a barn, the kids putting all different chairs and tables together to make room for friends in a house where we have nothing, painting some doors asking people to take care when they where passing to help in the kitchen. Dreaming about wallpapers and colours. Making fires to keep warm. Convincing the kids that wifi and TV is overestimated.  
And back to Brussels for Easter celebration again in another setting with tablecloth and dinner cooked by someone else. Speaking another language with other traditions. Very happy to feel home in both countries,  and the differences makes you appreciate things even more.
I will be back in Sweden renovating in July. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer by then.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Food food food, I have to admit that a lot in my life turns around food. I love food, I love cooking and I love having the house full of people for dinner. But I don't like cooking lunch for myself on weekdays, I am not inspired at all and then i often end up eating a piece of bread or an egg. But now i have a new routine in the house, I cook all my lunch on Sundays. It takes me about one hour and then I have a lovely lentil salad and some sauce to go with it. I make an enormous pot and it lasts all week , it even becomes better for everyday as the herbs and spice grow in taste. 
One of my favorits are brown lentils with plenty of herbs, usually parsley and coriander.
I fill it with crunchy veggies such as selleri, fennel, onion, peppers, kale ( whatever I have at home) If I have I love to add pomegranat.  
Then I add a big pinch of cumin. I make a sauce of lemon , ginger,chili, honey and soya , salt and pepper. 
Mix it all together and "voila" healthy lunch for a week. 

Sometimes in the autumn I make a tomato beetroot or pumpkin  "stew" to put on top ( warm) 
just cook tomatoes and beetroot/pumkin in the pan with chili and onion and garlic until a little bit soft add some black pepper. Yummi! 

During the week I eat my lentil salad with  an egg,  a salad or an avocado or with the beetroot/tomato stew, this gives me plenty of energy and vitamins and I dont have to worry about eating healthy eveyday!

So spending time to save time, if that makes sense to anyone...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Magical house, dreamy walks and talks about life

Some more pictures from our girls weekend away, I told you before about this amazing house and now I will show a small part of the lovely surroundings. We had all these lovely dreamy walks, relaxed moments with a drawing pad on a deck, wonderful dinners and breakfasts in the garden.  

It honestly felt like it was not for real. 


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Magic house

Before the Summer we had the great pleasure of being invited to this stunning house in Belgium. 
I was so amazed I did not really know how to handle all this beauty. Room after room with lovely old wallpapers, books, paintings and a garden to die for. But most of all some kind of magic, a story to be told, hidden, untouched. I wish I get the opportunity to go back one day. And maybe one day I will get to hear the full story of the house. But for now I am  grateful I could spend a weekend away here with lovely friends breathing fresh air and magic. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Patron Lunares

C/Fabrica 30 Santa Catalina Palma de Mallorca

I have to share this one with you, a favorit restaurant.

Seriously this place has it all. There is nothing I don't like here, well except that it is not closer to home...  Good Food , Excellent Interior,  Nice staff, Mallorca Wine and 
Soft music from the Dj during lunch hour! 

If you are on Mallorca book a table!